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Burpees – ‘nuf said

You probably won’t find an exercise that is as all-around good as the Burpee.

If you watch any Ross Enamait or Funk Roberts videos you will definitely see many variations – and real world examples of their results.

Check out this video from Funk on YouTube.  I don’t ever again want to hear any complaints that somebody doesn’t know what to work out on.

Burpees, I love them and I hate them.

Motivational Speech – How Bad Do You Want It?

It is hard to beat a good motivational video, especially a sports themed one.

Youtube has a lot of videos to choose from – some better than others.

The video below is one that I highly recommend!  Take the six minutes and watch it!!


“When you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breath – then you’ll be successful!”


Bar Exercise Motivation

One preferred and frequent workout for me is at the park doing pullups, chin-ups, dips, monkey bars, etc.

I used to figure that the goal was just to continually increase the number of reps that I do of each exercise.

Then I found this video from Barstarzz on YouTube; sure puts me back in my place when thinking about my own bar workouts.

Watch the video below for some serious pull-up motivation:


Arabian Chillout Music for Work

When I’m working, writing, reading, or being creative in any way, it’s great to work to a groovy, chill out soundtrack.

Regular CDs and pop music can be pretty distracting, but I’ve found that chill out tracks on YouTube can work great to get me into the productivity zone.

The track below is a great one to add to your soundtrack at work.  It’s arabic and other exotic sounds can really get your mind working – or daydreaming if you’re not careful.

Arabian Chillout Music for Work

Motivational Strength – Lever Pullups

Now this is how I aspire to do pullups!

Strength and fitness are a real interest to me.  To move on from pullups to muscle ups is a goal for this year.


I really enjoy watching motivational clips on YouTube – whether it’s exercise, MMA, business, or movie clips.  Actually Youtube has become a great source for video for me.

There’s lot’s of people posting training videos on there.


So far this year, one of my favourite workouts has been to head to the park with my Vibram Five Fingers on and hit the pullup bars, the parallel bars – for dips and hand walks, and the monkey bars – more pullups and other monkey bar stuff.  The mild winter in Vancouver this year is making this easier to do.


Not much commentary is necessary for the amount of strength and muscle control this exercise takes.

These lever pullups show an exceptional amount of core strength.

I hope you enjoy and are motivated to hit the gym as much as I was:


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